OSCA is not just a training provider. We believe in a holistic approach to managing workplace safety and worker competency. Just as a building relies on a strong foundation, workplace safety relies on key fundamental concepts and worker competency relies on underpinning knowledge and repeatable skill sets.

To this aim, OSCA's focus is to establish a firm workable set of base parameters and build from there. In relation to workplace safety, we first look to see if a company has the necessary framework in place to address legislative compliance. Unfortunately, for many companies, this is as far as they go. OSCA ensures that company policies and procedures are just the first step. A company can have the best intentions in mind, proven by robust, encompassing standards and procedures but if they can't apply safety principles in the workforce then workplace incident and accidents may still lead to serious injuries, and/or reduced production.

At OSCA our aim to to assist companies not only with establishing sound guidlines to manage workplace safety, we work with strategic area team leader to create a safety culture within the organisation that empowers employee to make a difference. To the holistic loop the managing workplace safety, OSCA offers an external auditing and awards program. It's easy to pat yourself on your back but nothing feels better when others recognised your efforts.